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This topic category is to discuss improvements of functionality and ideas within the software of Struct4U.

Please post your ideas about XFEM4U, XBeam2D, XFrame2D and XConstruct!
We take the wishes of users very seriously!

You can vote ideas up by using the like button of the initial post of the ideas/wish.

When the feature is implemented we will mark this as a solution.

The preferred language is English because of the worldwide users.

I have recently made a wishlist and I would like to share this to improve the software. Would you want one topic per idea (or per ‘element’), or one topic for everything?

Hi Arjan,

Welcome to the Struct4U forum! Excellent to hear about your wishlist. Can you make one topic per idea? Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the late reply. I have since had e-mail contact with Rob Baaij, adressing all the topics I had.