How can I exclude a beam from the calculation?

I am checking the following structure, and for the application of the loads due to the bridge crane I modeled the runways (highlighted below) which are not subject to checks
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Is it possible to exclude runways from the calculation? Or is there a way to apply loads without modeling them?
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Hi Sbouma,

It is not possible to exclude some beams from calculation directly (yet?). But what you can do is the following. Use layers. Place all your beams in one layer, for example “beams”. Place the beams which you want to exclude in another layer, for example “exclude”. Switch off the layer “exclude”. Also producing the output report you can select the layer “beams” only.
I hope this will help. If not let me know.

P.s. I could not see the images you have uploaded. Could you please try again? Thanks!

Kind regards
Rob Baaij