Longitudinal stiffeners and reduced yield stress

I have a question about a steel beam in XFEM4U 2025.
We have a built-up section beam that is in class 4, see attached image.

Section class 4 automatically becomes section class 3 by reducing the yield strenght but the value in the report seems too low… Is possible that the software doesn’t consider them as a longitudinal stiffeners? In this case, there are some method to take account for it?
I see some option in beam/column dialog, tab Eurocode, but there are only option for lateral supports at top or bottom flange, not for webs.

Dear Droccabella,

Please send us your input. You state that the reducing of the yield strength is too big. We will have to examine this further.
No. Now there is no way to ignore the longitudinal stiffeners but please try to enter a cap in between. The reduction will become even larger , I guess.

Kind regards
Rob Baaij

Thanks for the reply, I attach the calculation file and the report.

Bridge 16t- Trolley at 6825 mm of span.pdf (2.0 MB)
Bridge 16t- Trolley at 6825 mm of span.xfem (80.1 KB)

Our customer has verified the beam with the effective cross section method and the verification is satisfied, therefore he would not want to change the beam design, because Reduced stress method may leads to more conservative results.
I would therefore like to find a solution.
I remain at your disposal for any clarification.