Report shows different deflection values

Hi again,

I noticed that the deflection shown inside the navigation screen (SLS, either envelope or per load case) is lower than the one that is exported into the report.

max deflection = 35,7 mm

Envelope ULS deflection:

max deflection = 48,0 mm

The image in the report shows the value of the envelope ULS deflection, eventhough it says envelope SLS.

max deflection = 48,0 mm, eventhough this should be 35,7

deflection SLS ULS.xfem (143.0 KB)

Hi Arjen,

First of all. There are of course 2 envelops. One for ULS and one for SLS.
I can reproduce the images you have made. Max deflection 48,0mm / 35,7mm. However I cannot reproduce the third image yet. How did you manage this? Could you please show me how? So the exact order of handling. As you can image we will have to be able to reproduce it first in order to fix the problem. Your helpdesk number is #1986.

Kind regards,
Rob Baaij

The last image is the PDF output (or RTF; gives the same result) of the first image.
So where the first image correctly shows envelope SLS, the ouput in the calculation report (third image) is identical to the the envelope ULS.

Steps to recreate:
Check whether the saved View “Doorbuiging BGT” is correct, and has the correct SLS envelope selected.
Output as PDF.
Output image shows ULS.