.sdnf format to be read by Tekla Structures

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to pass on a fairly complex steel frame to a steel detailer and I have exported a .sdnf.

He has read it into Tekla Structures and the result does not make any sense he says.

I have tried renumbering all of the nodes and beams incase my clicking and manipulating has muddled anything, and he is yet to let me know if this has worked - but does anyone else have any experience with transferring geometry between XFEM4U and Tekla Structures?



Hi Richard,

Most welcome to the forum and the Struct4U Community!
Is it possible to send your SNDF-file which has problems to support@struct4u.com? We did several tests with SNDF and Advance Steel. That was working fine.
SDNF - Struct4u

So if there is any improvement possible regarding the SNDF please let us know!

There are some other options to export to Tekla.

  • Using Speckle. Next week more information about this option is available.
  • Using XML.

Within a couple of days we will post a tutorial video about this.