Surface load cannot be created

I have made a construction in XFEM4U, it is almost ready.
But now I get the massage: ‘surface load cannot be created’.
What’s the matter, I think every thing is done for making a good surface load calculation.
Perhaps I have made a mistake, but I don’t know.
Rob, can solve this problem?
With regards,
Leo Mauritz

This the file:
Hoofdconstructie versie 1.xfem (647.3 KB)

Hi Leo,

You need to enter a foundation edge beam in order to be able to generate the wind surface loads (and beam loads from there). I have added these edge beams. See the yellow marked beams in the image below.

Hoofdconstructie versie 1 reply.xfem (722.5 KB)

Thank you very much Rob, sometimes the solution will be easy, but you don’t see it.
Now I can go on…!
With thankfull regards,