Would it be possible to change the RTF output?

When using the output as RTF function of for example XFEM4U, the output will consist of a lot of text boxes which make the RTF quite heavy and make it hard to implement it in our structural report template.

Would it be a possibility to change the RTF output to consist more of text instead of text boxes?
For example Technosofts outputs are easier to implement in the report, since it only consists of text and images.

Hi Yosri,

I do understand what you mean. Yes the RTF output consists a lot of separate text boxes because of the formulas which makes editing hard to do. Of course. We could technically return to the old fashion and limited output Technosoft produces. But be aware that you do not see the detailed output of formulas our software produces at all. It feels like going back in time.

My tip is to add the principles and conclusions in your MS Word calculation report along with some bitmaps and/or references to our PDF output. Add our PDF output as an appendix to it.

Kind regards
Rob Baaij

I hope I am not rude when I say that (in my personal opinion) RTF is an old-fashioned file format that I rarely prefer to use. Even Word95 natively used “.doc”. The standard Windows program to start the .rtf files “WordPad is no longer being updated and will be removed in a future release of Windows.” by Microsoft

Is it possible that you use a newer file format like “Office Open XML” (.docx) or “Open Document Format” (.odf)? As far as I know are they are both an open- and a current standard that is used a lot. The benefit of the “modern” file formats is that they both support formulas…

Thank you for your clear answer, Rob!
The advice you give in your reply is the way we currently implement our outputs with Struct4U.
Good to know this is the way you advice as well.