XFEM4U Simple post with a plate for support

I have a very simple post with a load applied to the top. I need to add a “plate” under the post as a pad for its support in the 3D model but I am having difficulty doing this. The 3D software doesn’t seem to allow me to do this. I have tried various ways but to no avail.

Hi Thomas,

Welcome to the Struct4U forum and community! Thanks for your question. Do you mean something like this?

If this is what you mean I will make a tutorial and upload this to our YouTube channel.

kind regards.


Hi Maarten,

Thanks for your response.

The post is 140 mm sq timber C16 with a 16kN vertical load.

I wanted to know how to add the “plate” of concrete.


Hi Mark,

hereby the YouTube tutorial.

If you have more questions, do not hesistate to ask them!

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